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I'll Live Forever

They looked at him with pity;
They told him he had no one to continue his legacy.
He was content with his two,
Knowing they would be strong and beautiful.
He smiled at those who pitied him
And said he didn’t need a son to continue his legacy;
Only carrying forward the family name meant nothing to him.
He said if his daughters grew to be brave and generous,
If they continued to live fully and love freely,
If they stood for and with the just,
If they held on to their integrity,
If they walked uprightly,
He was sure that his legacy would continue forever;
Through them, his daughters, he would live forever.
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Stage or Altar?

Most of us have grown up watching and enjoying worship songs by Hillsong, Bob Fitts, Don Moen and many more. We’ve loved their set up and the way they lead their crowd. Deep down, we would have even craved to be where they are. But has their journey been that simple as we see and think of it to be? Since a long time I’ve been wanting to write this blog. Before completing this blog, I had passed on a questionnaire to a few worship teams; the response I received was overwhelming. I personally learnt a lot from a different perspective. I had been a part of the worship team for a long time. I’ve seen many leaders and the different ways they lead their team; and I’ve learnt a lot from each one of them. When I got a chance to lead our worship teams, I understood what it actually takes to be a worship leader, or for that matter of fact, even to complete a small responsibility as a part of the worship team. What I learned, helped me get better as a worshipper. I hope my findings may be helpfu…


Where there is no [wise, intelligent] guidance, the people fall [and go off course like a ship without a helm], But in the abundance of [wise and godly] counselors there is victory.
PROVERBS 11:14 AMP often run for help and advice in times of chaos. The matter if concern is, where do we run? The scripture clearly mentions wise and godly counsel. Human nature is such that it seeks for counsel and accepts only that which makes one feel right and the others at fault. Such counsel doesn't lead to conviction, confession and repentance. Seeking counsel from those wwho don't know the Word, will only lead you astray. The only thing that will keep you from falling, is taking counsel from the right (Spirit-filled) people and the right place (God's presence).

Look up!

Some songs never grow old!
I had been battling with fear, pain and a loss of confidence in the last week. As I waited on the Lord for encouragement, I started humming this song out of no where. I don't remember when I last listened to it, but today, it has made me feel so much better. I hope it ministers to you too.